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UK Lottery flooded with £33 million lottery ticket winners

Thu 28 Jan 2016, By Patty Reynolds
hundreds of people are claiming to have the winning ticket for the UK National Lottery

Recently, a woman in the UK alleged that she had a winning £33 million lottery ticket but because she "accidently" left the ticket in the wash, the barcode (and proof of winning) has been swept away. Now, this woman and hundreds more are saying that their ticket numbers match those of the previous national lottery results and that they're entitled to these millions.

Point in fact: this is the largest national lottery jackpot since launch in November 1994.

The UK Lottery hit a juicy jackpot of £66 million early in January, and while half of that has been claimed, Camelot Lottery (the official UK lottery regulators) is yet to find the other extremely lucky jackpot winner. Many are offering wild stories and crazy excuses regarding their "winning" £33 million lottery ticket. Some say that they purchased the ticket, but lost it. While others offer the same soapy excuse as the woman mentioned above. If a player has a damaged or lost lottery ticket, they have 30 days to submit a claim if there is proof of purchase. For those who can prove that the ticket is theirs, Camelot will investigate and pay them 180 days after the draw.

Camelot Lottery quickly responded to this outbreak in sudden lottery winners. "Given the interest in the missing £33m ticket-holder, we have received hundreds of claims of this nature. All of these are currently being considered on a case-by-case basis, and we will follow up with all claimants directly to advise them whether their claim will be investigated further." To add a further air of intrigue to the story, Camelot Lottery claims that no retailer has been informed that they've sold the winning ticket. Yet, how is it then that so many are calling and bothering the retailer which sold the "washed-out" ticket? Hopefully the mystery will conclude as the true winner comes forward.