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Coming soon to a plane near you: SkyDeck offers 360° views while flying

Sat 19 Dec 2015, By Patty Reynolds
SkyDeck offers 360° views while flying

We adore discussing the finer aspects in life. Yachts, cars and today, an airplane trip like no other. Welcome to the SkyDeck, a 360-degree glass bubble that allows you to glimpse at the skyline while flying.

Yes, while in flight. Looking to spend some of your money you won off playing the lotto online? This could be the treat of a lifetime!

The SkyDeck platform is a full 360-degree enclosure located on top of an airplane, any craft in fact as the creators of this stunning new innovation say that it can be fitted onto a variety of aircraft. Usually, this is a view that only pilots would be able to see. This innovative new device comes from Windspeed Technologies, a company located in the US. When this is installed in an aircraft, the various flight companies will be able to charge a premium price for this one-of-a-kind view.

Reducing boredom, providing entertainment and minimizing the impact on the plane is what it's all about, say Windspeed.

"The SkyDeck can be installed on a wide variety of aircrafts, ranging from wide-bodies to smaller executive jets. Current in-flight entertainment offerings have not changed much over the decades. We wanted to come up with a product that would provide a higher level of entertainment to reduce the boredom of long flights. In addition since the SkyDeck will generally be positioned towards the rear of the aircraft so there is negligible extra fuel burn."

Here's how it works: the luxury seats are located in a sleek elevator that at the push of a button, slowly rises to the protective dome bubble on top of the plane. Or, an optional set of stairs can take the passengers up to the SkyDeck.

The Skydeck will shortly be available and an anonymous European aircraft company will begin offering this with their planes, after it spied the innovation at a Las Vegas tradeshow. And for those who were concerned, SkyDeck is strong enough to survive a bird flying directly into it. What an insane sight that would be during an extremely breathtaking moment. It should and will be an incredible experience, coming soon to a plane near you!

See the 'SkyDeck' promotional video here