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Canada's biggest ever lotto jackpot goes unclaimed!

Mon 19 Oct 2015, By Dean Cromwell
Canada's Largest Lottery Jackpot is still unclaimed

Last Saturday, Lotto 6/49 offered the largest jackpot draw of all time, and an incredible $64-million was up for grabs! Although according to the statistics, you have a better chance of been eaten by a shark or finding a six-leaved clover then winning the grand jackpot draw!

It's a 1-in-14 Million chance of matching all six winning numbers. Sadly, after the draw took place there was no-one to claim this enormous draw but someone did win the guaranteed prizes, which was a whopping $1-million.

Previously, a syndicate of four ticketholders won the $63.4-million grand jackpot, but this was split evenly between the four of them back in April 2013. Until someone steps forward with the winning ticket, the largest jackpot in Lotto 6/49's history is going to go unclaimed! So we're encouraging you then to check your ticket if you took part in the draw. It could actually be you, and wouldn't that be a fantastic way to start the day?

Canada is full of winners recently. Not too long ago, a lottery syndicate in Ontario won a total of $60-million. Since it was a syndicate win though, the group will have to split the admittedly enormous jackpot.

Speaking of crazy jackpots, we've got a real treat for you: come 6th November, the EuroMillions Superdraw worth a boggling €100 Million is taking place. Now with a prize of that amount, we doubt that anyone who purchases one of these lotto tickets is going to forget about it. You never know, lady luck might just be in your corner. You have to bet on it to win it! With €100 Million, you could purchase a mega-mansion, all situated on your very own private island, surrounded by a sea of champagne! Or, you could simply retire in style and tell your boss to take a hike.