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Don't miss out on your chance to win it big with the lottery!

Fri 23 Oct 2015, By Jerry Westford
Subscribe to your favourite lotteries and never miss out on a win

Imagine NOT having realized that you've won a prize so large that it could literally change your life. This happened with a lottery syndicate out in New York earlier this month, as the 25-strong syndicate each chipped in $4 per week for an office pool, which finally paid out.

The Mega Millions $1-million prize paid out to all of them and after taxes, each one received a decent $30 000. The kicker is, the group won this prize over six months ago, only checking their winning ticket now. If it happened to them, it could happen to you.

I really don't want anyone out there to go through what these unfortunate people had to. Instead of letting these winnings slip through your fingers, get into your next ticket purchase as soon as possible. Even better (and with less of a chance of you missing out on a draw), sign up for a lottery subscription through This will make it much easier on yourself as you can simply sign up and keep the subscription going until it pays out!

The latest rollover for the US Powerball has climbed to $90-million, and soon it will hit $100-million! The last payout was a staggering $301-million in September before the new numbering system came into effect. Just a little tip, low numbers for the bonus ball seem to be a reoccurring event, while high numbers (over 30) for the regular numbers are popular at the moment.

Even the US Mega Millions has an enormous jackpot prize of $93-million on the cards. We're approaching record-breaking numbers here and someone has to eventually win. The last rollover for this draw was October 20 with the biggest win being a mere $20 000 from four matched white balls.

So that's my advice: purchase your lottery tickets early and check them after every draw. You never know when your luck might strike!